MAD MARCH REVEAL #1 – Academic

WELCOME RANGERS to the largest promotions period that AMSA has ever seen! #MadMarchPromoMonth. Between now and the 12th of April we will reveal something new about Convention EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

First up, the Academic team tells us what to expect on Day 1 of Convention!
Want to know where medicine will take you into the future? The world of possibilities will be on display at our themed plenary and workshop series ‘The Other Side of Tomorrow’.

First up we’ll hear from the Hon. Ken Wyatt, the first Indigenous Member of the House of Representatives, about his advocacy for organ and tissue donation, aged care service delivery and dementia research.

Later we’ll listen to Tyler Sexton, an American clinical professor of hyperbaric medicine living with Cerebral Palsy. After being told by doctors that he would never walk, talk or see again, he has became a world leader in hyperbaric medicine research.

Also on show is Melissa Kang, a Senior GP Lecturer at the University of Sydney and former author to the sealed section of Dolly Doctor. She will share some of her humorous experiences working for the magazine.


Those of you with an eye for procedural medicine will be able to test your skills in one of Australia’s leading clinical teaching centres – CTEC – introducing you to the fundamentals of laparoscopic surgery.

And finally, for the extra-talented among you we have 4 words: ‘Med Students Got Talent’.

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