Monday – East vs West

The rivalry between East and West has been present throughout human history. As you prepare to make the journey to the other side, which one will you choose? Knights or Samurai, burgers or ramen, crips or bloods, Clint Eastwood or Jackie Chan? Or closer to home, Western Australia versus the rest?

Interpret it how you will, just get ready to explore everything we have to offer on opening night…..

Tuesday – The Other Side of the Millennium

We can’t take you back to undo last night, but we CAN throw you back to the Other Side of the Millennium.  It’s Britney and Justin’s sweet 16 and everyone’s invited.  Rules are though, it’s dress to impress – anything pre (or post) 2000 will do.  Bring your best moves and get ready for a banger of a night.  You’re going to wish you could travel back in time and do it all again. 

Over the Rainbow

What better way is there to relax than with a cocktail on the beautiful beaches of hawaii, without a care in the world, with somewhere over the rainbow playing softly in the background? Or would you like to relax and let free the inner magic inside you, while you jump over the rainbow riding the back of a unicorn, with fairies buzzing all around? Come join us over the rainbow, and get in touch with the free spirit that lives inside of you! Give yourself a chance to let go and relax, and who knows where you will find yourself….

The Other Side of the Wall

The walls that divide us are often profound and all-encompassing. Rangers, let us clear your path to the Other Side, and dismantle the obstacles in your way. Throw the shackles aside and climb over Trump’s concrete wall, leap over the fortified Great Wall, hop over your annoying neighbour’s fence, or don your warmest fur coat and run toward the icy darkness of the North. Let us bring together heroes from both sides of the wall and unite them together in a night you won’t remember. On the Other Side, individualism is best served spicy. Be who you want to be rangers, say what you want to say. But when the Wall comes crashing down, make sure you are there to witness it.

Cirque Noir – The Dark Side of Cirque

‘Found under the big top all is not as it seems, once a place of pure magic now houses lost & fallen dreams.
From the highest of high ropes to the depths of the magician’s hat,
there is a darkness to be found away from your typical aristocrat.
In the shadows of abandonment the freaks hold each other near, outcasts of society but there’s no need to fear..
Beware the bearded lady; heed the fortune teller’s foresight, with sword swallowers and fire breathers, its bound to be one hell of a night!’