Dr Binu Jayawardena

Dr Binu Jayawardena

Dr Binu Jayawardena is Psychiatry Registrar in Perth, currently working on a specialist inpatient unit providing acute psychiatric care for doctors and medical students from across WA. He completed his MBBS/BMedSc(Hons) degree at UWA and studied Biomedical Engineering at Harvard University. Binu has been involved in psychiatric research since 2010, working at research facilities in Sydney and Perth. His honours research investigating the longitudinal prevalence of depression in medical students and junior doctors. He has previously published peer reviewed papers on the diagnosis of depression in Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease and presented his work on the mental health of doctors at the RANZCP Congress in 2014 and 2015.

Rhetoric to results: how do we improve doctor mental health?

Perth Convention Centre

One in five Australian doctors have been diagnosed with or treated for depression, and one in four have had thoughts of suicide. The need for change is evident and urgent – but how? Join the discussion as our diverse panel shares their personal and policy based perspectives on mental health in the medical profession.