Prof David Joske

Prof David Joske

2013 state finalist for Australian of the year, Dr David Joske, has more than made his mark on medicine, particularly with in Western Australia. Dr Joske has been head of Haematology at Sir Charles Gairdner since 1994, founded the Sir Charles Gairdner Brownes Dairy Cancer Support Centre, and founded Solaris Cancer Care, a community-based cancer centre offering complementary therapies, which has had astounding success. Dr Joske has made a tremendous impact on how we treat and view patients with cancer, and we are profoundly excited to have him at Perth18 convention.

Why Body without the Mind?

Perth Convention Centre

Patient-centred care is plastered all over hospitals and preached within medical schools nation-wide, but have you ever seen it truly put into practice? Do you know what it can do for your practice as a doctor? Dr David Joske does, and has arguably pioneered true patient centred care with his ground breaking Solaris Cancer Care […]