Dr Ahmed Kazmi

Dr Ahmed Kazmi

Laughter is the best medicine according to Dr Ahmed Kazmi. He is a man of many talents; a general practitioner currently working in London, and also a stand-up comedian and cabaret artist. Dr Ahmed has sold out comedy shows around the world, including at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Perth’s own Fringe World Festival.

Dr Ahmed is also very passionate about the wellbeing of not only patients, but also of doctors. He truly believes that well doctors make well patients. It is a treat to have him at the 2018 AMSA National Convention!

A Short Guide to Staying Well as a Doctor

Perth Convention Centre

Dr Ahmed Kazmi is a GP and comedian who has sold out shows all around the world. He believes well doctors make well patients. Medicine is a high pressure and high demand job with a lot of emotional toll on care providers. Stress, burnout and suicide are sadly real occupational hazards. This short talk takes […]