Dr David Fletcher

Dr David Fletcher

Prof Fletcher graduated from UWA MBBS in 1969, completing FRACS in 1974 and went on to complete an MD at the University of Melbourne in 1985. Currently, he plays a major role in the WA health Care reform, and works as the Head of the Department of General Surgery, as well as Co-lead surgeon in the Fiona Stanley and Fremantle hospitals.

Prof Fletcher’s expertise lies in the field of general and upper GI surgery. He is a foundation member of the Academy of Surgical Educators and was elected General Surgery Councillor of the RACS in 2015. Whilst at Austin Hospital in Melbourne, he was responsible for the development and safe introduction of laparoscopic surgery to Australia and New Zealand. In addition to his distinguished career in surgical theatres and committees, Prof Fletcher has also been an active medical researcher.

What may be less well known is Prof Fletcher’s immense passion for human rights and global health. In the past, Prof Fletcher has been an activist in a wide range of contexts, which includes being a prior member of Amnesty International, and protesting/advocating for human rights in Vietnam, Iraq, as well as against the appalling management of refugee health standards in detention centres on Christmas Island. We’re lucky to have him speak to us about his experiences in this space, in addition to the international surgical humanitarian programme.

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