Dr Vinka Barunga

Dr Vinka Barunga

Vinka Barunga is a proud Worrora woman, and the first Aboriginal doctor in her community Derby, WA. From young, she knew she wanted to be a doctor, and that she wanted to go back to work in her community. Having witnessed the high rates of substance abuse, chronic disease and suicide while growing up in the Aboriginal community of Mowanjum, south-east of Derby, and how history has influenced the health of Indigenous Australians today, she is determined to be a part of breaking the cycle.

Has the Gap Widened: what we can learn from the first ten years

Perth Convention Centre

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Closing the Gap campaign. So far, only three of the seven national targets are on track and it is clear that our nation needs to do more to improve outcomes for Australia‚Äôs First Peoples. This expert panel will discuss the successes and pitfalls of the campaign, potential […]