Jason Maude

Jason Maude

Mr Maude is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Isabel Healthcare Ltd, which produces and markets a medical diagnosis decision support tool called Isabel. He has extensive
experience working in finance and investment banking, and previously was the Head of Equity Research for AXA Investment Managers managing billions of dollars in global investment initiatives.

In 1999, Mr Maude’s three-year-old daughter Isabel fell seriously ill as a result of a misdiagnosis. Isabel’s illness and experience inspired him to abandon his career and create Isabel Healthcare. Since then, Mr Maude has been a pioneer of using deep learning artificial intelligence to build sophisticated yet practical tools to help clinicians make the correct diagnosis sooner, and to help patients research their own diagnosis and become more medically informed.

Will You Miss a Diagnosis?

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Most doctors at some point in their career will miss a diagnosis. When doctors missed a devastating infection in three-year-old Isabel, she was left fighting for her life. Instead of blaming the doctors responsible, her father made it his mission to support doctors in preventing this happening to others. He shares Isabel’s inspiring story and […]