Prof Hans Stampfer

Prof Hans Stampfer

Professor Stampfer is a clinical academic in the UWA Medical School Division of Psychiatry. He is Head of Mental Health at Joondalup hospital where he also works as a consultant psychiatrist. His early research focused on brain electrical activity (cortical evoked potentials) with wider interests in psychosomatic medicine, neuropsychiatry and philosophical issues in psychiatry. In the mid 1990s he switched from studies on brain electrical activity to studies on the relationship between psychiatric status and circadian heart rate (CHR) and has remained involved in this area of research since then.

The aim of these investigations is to identify objective indicators of mental status and a person’s response to treatment. He is currently involved in two collaborative studies, one in children, the other in adults, both investigating the practical usefulness of CHR for monitoring the effectiveness of prescribed medications. It remains his ambition to develop measures of CHR as a practically useful tool in psychiatry.

Mental Illness and Circadian Heart Rate

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When you walk into a psychiatrist’s rooms you might expect to see a desk, some plants, maybe even a couch… but what about a heart rate monitor? Come and delve into matters of the heart and mind to discover how circadian heart rates can be used to diagnose and manage psychiatric conditions in this exciting […]