Ray Werndly

Ray Werndly

Ray Werndly is an inspirational speaker with 28 years experience in the Royal Australian Air Force as a pilot, and 16 years as an advanced flight instructor. His time with the airforce has
allowed him to train and observe over 1000 pilots pass through a very high stress environment, leading him to dedicate his life to gaining insight into human behaviour to get the best from himself and others. Success in this pursuit has given him the clarity to create a sustainable work-life balance. Ray maintains that each individual already has the innate power and the requisite knowledge to achieve their goals and the realisation of this power can come quickly via introspection, shock and even failure.

The Real Top Gun Story

Perth Convention Centre

Ray Werndly is a Top Gun. He has 28 years experience in the RAAF as a pilot and currently trains the next generation. He is here to explain what it’s like to both succeed and fail in this high-pressure environment, and how that environment is not dissimilar to medicine.